Identity Security for Your Workforce

Secure access for your business, customers, or employees with our unparalleled identity security backed by a zero–trust philosophy.


Work securely from anywhere, anytime, across all devices for your users.


Reduce operational cost and complexity with automated and streamlined processes


Prevent identity breaches and improve your security posture, giving you the peace of mind your business deserved.


Eliminate the main cause of a breach. Authenticate with ease.

When it comes to protecting your data, passwords are the weakest link. That is why multifactor authentication has become the identity and access management standard for preventing unauthorized access. Verify the identity of all users with SecureKi.


Keep unauthorized users out. Safeguard privileged access and credentials.

Compromised access and credentials most often are the leading attack vectors of a security breach. Our comprehensive privileged access management is designed to manage and monitor privileged access to accounts and applications, alert system administrators on high-risk events, reduce operations complexity, and meeting regulatory compliance with ease.

Achieve least privilege. Limit admin rights and control applications.

Privilege escalation is at the core of most cyber-attacks and system vulnerabilities. By eliminating the need for user accounts with elevated permissions, achieve unparalleled security across all endpoints with permissions controlled at the application and process level.

Protect against all types of DNS attacks, made easy for you.

Connect to the internet confidently with DNS solutions for all applications. Cloud-native, IoT security, DNS encryption: ready for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

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